Experiences to discover

As your domme, I seek to offer you acceptance, care and creativity in & out of scenes; discipline and guidance throughout, and create space for true catharsis in us both.
Bottoms and submissives intent on co-creating a successful D/s relationship understand that their open and honest input, service, and devotion aids in establishing a strong foundation from which we can explore your most intimate desires and vulnerabilities. Understand, that establishing a sound psychological structure such as this requires time and patience, in which I earn your submission and you prove that you are truly worthy of my dominance. My wide-range of skills, interests, and experience ensures that I am equally well prepared for novices looking for an introduction as well as for those in need of more intense attention. 

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BDSM/Kink and Fetish play

Power. Pleasure. Desire. Release.  Let me bring you to the exquisite release of absolute submission.
As Marquis de Sade once wrote, "It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure". I must say, I agree. 

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role play

There’s something about acting out twisted fantasies— with our own, living, breathing bodies— that does something special for me. A very particular and potent form of catharsis.

Here are some of my personal favorites.


Intensive experiences

Meeting for a few hours can be delightful, but has its limits. The kind of life-altering explorations that are possible in my world must be custom-tailored to you and your psychology— your fears, your cravings, your past.

Such explorations are not for everyone. 

Intensive experiences are custom tailored for exploring your desires more openly. I invite you to leave the typical indoor setting behind for a few hours and surrender completely to a night of endless perversion - and perhaps, indulge your need for ongoing training.