1. Are you real? 

Yes. Unless I'm some kind of android, but then we're in some sort of whole Blade Runner situation and that's a whole other set of problems. 

2. I am [Trans/No-binary/gender queer], is that a problem? 

I believe that kink is for everyone. I have worked with people with various gender identities and presentations, sexual orientations, ethnicities and colors, religions and spiritualities, vocations, income levels, health conditions, and life experiences. I have special competence with people identifying as trans* and gender-variant, as well as those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, queer, questioning and more. I am also highly competent and very sensitive to issues of chronic illness, addiction, and those who are differently abled. 

3. Your submission form is so long, can't I just email you?

I know. The submission form is designed to provide me with enough insight into your interests and desires to allow me to make a decision as to whether or not we will be a good fit. It contains specific questions that guarantee your safety and security whilst in my companionship and care.  I encourage you to answer honestly and ththoughtfully. If you are interested in contacting me for non-session related business (media, interviews, etc), you may email me at evelyn.vellichor@gmail.com with a subject clearly indicating your purpose.
Please Note: Any submission request that does not come through my submission form will be deleted. 

4. Why should I pay you when craigslist exists? 

There are dozens of websites (fetlife, craigslist, etc) that match like-minded individuals with predilections such as mine. However, your tribute ensures the following things: a safe, supported play environment that is discrete and completely tailored to your needs, wants and desires. Your offering assures you that I am completely yours and you are completely mine. Just as you pay your mechanic for her expertise and training, so will your investment go towards an experience that is like no other. I have over 7 years of experience in domination and submission and have taught workshops, seminars and one-on-one sessions all over the United States.
As a professional dominatrix, this is my business, my career and my passion. My time is valuable and I expect to be compensated for it. I am a passionate person who values integrity and being a person of my word. Though I believe in having a good sense of humor and playfulness, I also believe that maturity, honesty, and professionalism are essential. I have a no-nonsense approach and will be forthright with you. I am capable of deep understanding and compassion, but I lack patience with people who are immature, lazy, inconsiderate, act entitled, and have no manners. 
If you are unable or unwilling to offer sufficient tribute as set down in the rates section of this website, I ask that you respect my time and dedication by looking elsewhere.