become someone new

Is it not of the imagination that the sharpest pleasures arise? --Marquis de Sade

Roleplay is, perhaps, my favorite non-BDSM activity. There is something tantalizing about stepping into a new role, becoming a new person, experiencing desire and sensuality through new eyes...I invite you to peruse some of my favorite scenarios below.  For information about online roleplay/submission, please click here. 


Golden Age STarlet

She is vintage glamour and showstopping grace. You are, perhaps, a Hollywood producer willing to do anything for her to take the role, or a screenwriter desperate to break into the business. With a nod of her head, she commands the room and, of course, your attention. Meet her at a jazz club or that fine dining restaurant you've been wanting to explore. 


You’ve been working at your firm for sometime now and have always been attracted to your boss, but, of course, could never act on it - seeing how you like receiving a regular paycheck and all. Then, one day you fudge a report costing the company thousands. Your boss is livid, your position at the company is in jeopardy, and you’ll do anything to keep your job…

Maid in trouble

You are accustomed to commanding the hired help to do your bidding. Your new maid, however, seems to think that she is the one in control. Or, perhaps, you are the Mistress's Sissy Maid and you've done a very poor job of cleaning up after yourself. The mistress keeps a clean house, and you know that when she summons you to the study, it is not for a reward...


You’ve seen her walking down the street – captivating, confident, cool. Her lithe body seems to be begging for worship, but that devious glimmer in her eye says something more. You know she’s dangerous… you know she’s a man-eater… and still you just can’t seem to stay away.  With a slick smile and a flutter of her eyelashes, she’s coaxed you out of your pants, paycheck, and pride...

Renaissance Woman

You find the notion of Shakespeare's words erotic and crave to journey back to a more romantic time, when breasts heaved in tight bodices and skirts could be roughly pushed up to reveal her most intimate secret. You are, perhaps, a Poet or a King, brilliant, handsome, confident in your prowess. I arrive to your candlelit chamber with a letter, but there is something about the shadows that play across your face that make me desire more...

For the Discerning Nerd: 

I am, in my daily life, an avid cosplayer. If you have the desire to experience one of your favorite characters like you've never seen them before, please contact me. I have a range of costumes and am always looking to improve my collection. 

Academic Mischief

You know you shouldn't have cheated, but the temptation was too great. You've been caught, and now, you're dreading a meeting with the headmistress. You know her to be strict and a harsh enforcer of the university's rules and regulations. You've heard a rumor that corporal punishment is still allowed here, but you've dismissed them as urban legend. Now, as you walk into her office, you're not so sure....

At the Moulin Rouge

A beautiful, demanding courtesan. A lover. A dreamer. She is fire and mischief and passion and desire and you must-- must have her. 

Am I missing something? 

I am always looking for new and fascinating role play scenarios to enact with a willing and open partner. Perhaps you have another idea, something darker, something even more tantalizing...why not contact me and see what we can create together? 

I offer a variety of online domination options to slaves and subs from all over the world, who are unable to meet Me in person. It's a great way to explore interests like tease and denial, humiliation, chastity play, Goddess worship and different forms of punishment.
Online and distance domination has its very own, unique charm, and the experience can be just as powerful as a physical session. I will need most of the information I normally do when arranging a meeting. Most importantly, I need to understand what specific fetishes and interests you have, and I also need to be aware of what you have tried already and what your schedule is like.