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WAM Play

An elaborate cake. A creamy pie. There is something delectable about the feeling of watching someone get unimaginably messy. I am happy to provide WAM services to my clients as both giver and receiver. To learn more, or to contact me, please click "submit" below. 


What materials will you work with? 
applesauce, foam lather, pastries, batter,lotion, peanut butter. lube, pies, fruit filling marshmallow, pudding cake, gel, shaving cream. chocolate,  goo, slime, ice cream, mud, syrup, custard, icing, oatmeal, water, eggs, jello, oil, whipped cream, flour, jelly, paint, SPRINKLES! 
**Please note that condiments such as ranch dressing or ketchup are a hard limit and I will not work with them. 

What will you wear? 
I am happy to wear a range of outfits to enhance your experience. Heels, panyhose, lingerie, a maid costume, formal wear or nothing at all-- it's your time, you decide. 
Do you provide set-up/clean up? 
Yes. I set up my studio for our time together, and, if meeting you in your home, would be happy to assist you in protecting your home. Similarly, I will assist you in tearing down afterwards. 
Do you provide materials? 
I am happy to procure materials per your request if given sufficient funds in advance.